Locksmith Warnings

Consumer Warnings about Locksmiths

Locksmiths are among the most honest and trusted individuals.  They are licensed by the cities and states where they work out of under strict criteria.  However, as in any business, there are frequently a few that make everyone look bad.  The following articles aimed to make you aware that locksmiths are no exception and how to choose the right locksmiths.

San Diego Hit by Locksmith Scam

BBB Warns Public about Locksmith

10 Connects investigates local locksmith with hidden cameras

Finding a local locksmith not always easy

How to stop a Fraudulent Scam

Beware of Locksmith Rip Offs

Unlicensed Locksmiths Strike in San Francisco

Phony Locksmiths”  (Long list of more articles)

Click on these links to see  many more  incidences in 2008 and 2009

*  Note:  As time passes, publishers of these articles may choose to no longer make them available.  We will try to keep the list updated regularly.


Sheryl Bilbrey of the San Diego Better Business Bureau:

"Of course these companies (unscrupulous locksmiths) operate under names like 'Dependable Locksmith' in order to exploit the vulnerable situation for consumers who are locked out of their house or car." Bilbrey went on to say "We've found that some locksmiths have made taking advantage of people's misfortune part of their business model."

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