Can remotely unlocks you car doors.  Requires pre planning and set up with OnStar.  This service is a little expensive.

Lock-Out Service Providers Who Are Not Locksmiths

AAA Auto Club Home Lockout services

Lock-Out Service Providers Who Are Not Locksmiths

If you are aware of other non-locksmith services that would help others with gaining re-entry on  lockouts.  Please let us know so that we can post them here to help our  site viewers.

Call 911 if you have young children and infants locked in the car and it’s freezing and scorching outside.  The fire department may come to help if they determine that your situation is an emergency.  Just remember that they must be reserved for real emergencies.  They may ask that you call AAA or a locksmith instead.

Call your auto insurance company.  If you have towing coverage, you may also have auto door unlock coverage.

Your Auto



ID Your Keys

This service helps with recovering your lost keys if your key ring has their unique ID.  This service requires pre-planning.  Key recovery may take days and they may or may not find your lost keys.

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