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Our mission is to increase awareness of the practices of unscrupulous locksmiths and equip  you with the knowledge and abilities to handle lockouts.

It’s been called a nationwide problem. Just about any untrained scammer can pose as a locksmith and simply destroy your lock for a massive fee!


MSNBC News Locksmith SCAM

Criminal locksmiths can plant a “master key” pin configuration that allows them to open your door with their own key.


Bogus Locksmiths

Tigard, OR

People tend to think that ALL locksmiths are honest so when they get locked out, they would trust just any locksmith.


Unscrupulous Locksmiths

Phoenix, AZ.

Some out of state companies advertise as local locksmiths but don’t have local techs. Their techs may be on a job across towns so during traffic time, you can wait for hours.


Bogus Locksmith Listings

Grand Rapids, MI

I called a locksmith company and asked several times how much they would charge for opening my home door.

The person on the phone kept avoiding to answer me and only said that he would give me a good discount.

It was about an hour and a half later when their locksmith showed up at my door.

Then I asked for a quote again, and again the same answer.

I insisted to know.

Then he told me it was going to be $120!

I said that was a lot more than I wanted to pay.

He said that he had already come out and threatened that he would call the police if I did not let him open my door.

I stood my ground.

And He finally called his company again and lowered the price to $80.

Consumer - San Diego, California

As in any profession, there are always a few that make people worry about the whole profession.

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