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You will find a listing of locksmiths here “Local Locksmiths” but take a few minutes to view the public warnings below and you could save yourself a lot of hassles, time, and money.

So you have never gotten locked out?  Good for you!  Others are not so fortunate.  Our Mission is to create a better awareness about unscrupulous locksmiths.  Take a moment to view the below public warnings to be more aware and protect yourself when looking for a locksmith.

I called a locksmith company and asked them how much they would charge for opening my home door.  They said they would give me a good discount but will not tell me what the price was.  Then when their locksmith showed up at my door, I asked again, and again the same answer.   I insisted to know.  Then he told me $120!   I said that’s a lot more than I wanted to pay and I would like to shop around.  He said that he had already come out and that he would call the police if I did not let him open my door.  I stood my ground and he called his company then finally settled for significantly less.”  -  San Diego Consumer 2012

As in any profession, there are always a few that make people worry about the whole profession.  We are not telling you that all locksmiths are bad.  We are simply making you aware about the practices of some bad ones so that you can recognize these practices when you see them and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Unscrupulous Locksmiths

Why tell criminals where your keys are?  It’s safer to have a neighbor keep this lock-box for you and use other hi-tech solutions on our reference page.

Buyers Beware!

Criminals working as locksmiths


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