Locksmith Service Providers

Try these first!  They are not locksmiths themselves but are usually your better option because the locksmiths they send had been carefully selected, have service history, and have to answer to your provider.

Call 911 if you have young children and infants locked in the car and it’s freezing or scorching outside or if it’s at night and you are in a bad neighborhood far away from home.  The fire department may come to help if they determine that your situation is an emergency.  If it’s deemed that you are not in an emergency situation, you may be asked to call AAA, your own insurance company,  or a locksmith instead.

The AAA California Auto Club will send out locksmiths to unlock auto and home doors for its members. Service cost range from free to varying amounts of subsidy. Click circle for more ...

Call your auto insurance company.  If you have towing coverage, you may also have auto door unlock coverage.  Most insurance companies nowadays provide roadside service to their members.

Your credit card company will provide locksmith service for your rental car if you paid for it with their credit card.