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“Google Guaranteed” San Diego Locksmiths.

What does "Google Guaranteed" mean?

This is what Google said about its Google Guarantee

The Google Guarantee protects you when you hire a Google Guaranteed business on Local Services by Google. On Local Services listings, you will see the Google Guarantee icon Google guaranteed shield image with checkmark next to covered providers. Use the contact options including Call and Send request, or dial the number that appears in the Local Services listing to contact the business.

When you use audio search (such as Google Assistant or Google Home) to find a service, you will hear confirmation that the business is Google Guaranteed. When you call the business from your device, you’re protected by the Google Guarantee.

If you contact the business in any other way (such as another phone number or their website) you have not used Local Services by Google, and are not protected by the Google Guarantee.

What it covers

  • Google may cover claims up to the cost of the initial service, with a lifetime cap for coverage.
  • Google Guarantee lifetime cap by country:

    • US: $2,000
    • CA: CAD $2,000
  • Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the initial service completion date.
  • You must provide a receipt that clearly shows the amount paid and the provider’s business name.
  • Your service must be booked through Local Services.

What it doesn’t cover

Add-on or future services, damages to property, trip charges, diagnostic fees, dissatisfaction with price or responsiveness of the business, and cancellations aren’t covered.

Who is covered

You can identify an eligible provider with the Google Guarantee badge  beside their name and on their profile page.

How it works

Contact the service provider

First, contact the service provider you worked with to work through any concerns with the service quality.

Submit a claim

If you’re unable to resolve your concerns directly with the provider, contact us to submit your Google Guarantee claim. The team at Google will investigate and get back to you.

Z Locksmith
4.9  (222)


San Diego
(858) 221-7686
Joey’s Locksmith
4.9  (10)


Chula Vista
(619) 505-1630
ASAP Lock And Key
5.0  (428)


(760) 543-2625
OBryant Locksmith
5.0  (56)
San Marcos
(760) 509-8844
Leo Locksmith
4.7  (375)


San Diego
(760) 209-8691
Ethan Locksmith
4.8  (358)


San Diego
(858) 876-7913

Location-Verified San Diego Locksmiths.

Village Lock & Key, Inc. (Map it!)
13342 Poway Road
Poway, CA  92064
Hours:  Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm
Saturdays 10am-2pm

The Scottish Locksmith (Map it!)
13342 Poway Road
Poway, CA  92064
858-692-2308 or 619-787-0516
Hours:  Monday – Friday 9:00 to 5:30
Field Service: 9:00 to 5:30

After hours emergency field service is available